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BloodLine Podcast

Apr 24, 2017

The BloodLine Podcast presents: von Willebrand Disease (vWD), Part 2 - Life with vWD

vWD affects patients and their families in numerous ways. This episode, the second of three in our long-form podcast series on vWD, features powerful patient stories on the various experiences of living with the vWD, including combating stigma and the reductive outlooks on vWD. The stories run the gamut from heart breaking to uplifting and inspiring, and they'll certainly be familiar to anyone who lives with vWD or loves someone with vWD. 

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BloodLine is a BloodStream Media podcast series featuring deep dives into the stories that matter most. This three-episode series focuses on von Willebrand Disease, and features stories of people affected by vWD alongside interviews with clinical experts. 

The series is sponsored exclusively by Shire and is intended to reduce the marginalization of people w/ vWD, increase clinical and organizational focus on vWD, and to give a voice to the diverse experiences of patients and families affected by vWD.

For more information on living with von Willebrand Disease please visit